These are the guiding stars on the global horizon of MAISTAPACK®

– As a sustainably managed company, MAISTAPACK® is committed to both its customers and the environment.

– MAISTAPACK® is dedicated to innovation and invests continuously in new developments and in the knowledge and skills of its employees.

– Against this background, MAISTAPACK® develops corrugated board packaging for commercial and industrial companies, which is enhanced by offset or flexo printing.

– MAISTAPACK® has great respect for the developments and innovations of others and expects other participants on the market to show equal respect for the patented MAISTAPACK® innovations. MAISTAPACK® shows the same respect for national and international law and places fair and transparent management above breach of law and corruption.

– MAISTAPACK® is committed to providing its customers with optimum advice to their complete satisfaction ‒ and to networking them with partner companies from whom they can obtain MAISTAPACK® quality at the best prices.

– MAISTAPACK® stands for simple and uncomplicated handling of packaging ‒ whether with manual or automatic carton erection or when packing your products.

– MAISTAPACK® cartons make it easy for the end customer: the contents of the packaging are easily accessible to the eyes and hands.

– MAISTAPACK® cartons are resilient. Thanks to their stability, they make a perfect impression from the packaging process to the last product removed on the sales shelf.

– MAISTAPACK® quality is bound to a precisely defined construction, design and material properties of the cardboard packaging. There is no compromise here. Not for MAISTAPACK® customers, and certainly not for MAISTAPACK® itself.

– MAISTAPACK® operates with future generations in mind and exclusively with certified, sustainable partner companies that, like MAISTAPACK®, strive to conserve natural resources as much as possible.

– MAISTAPACK® packaging is reusable and 100% recyclable.

The path to your MAISTAPACK® cardboard system


Hauptplatz 7 / Top 7, 4540 Bad Hall, Austria


Burgkirchner Weg 13, 4540 Bad Hall, Austria

Hauptplatz 7 / Top7, 4540 Bad Hall, Austria

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