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The CO2 footprint equivalent of a child’s shoe.

MAISTAPACK ® Cartons are a natural product made entirely of corrugated cardboard. One of the numerous advantages over solid cardboard and all two-piece packaging, including transport lids, is a CO2 footprint that is at least 30% lower. More precisely: When comparing a solid board packaging (1000 g) to a MAISTAPACK® transport carton, a reduction of 390 g CO2 per carton is achieved.

Which means, that an annual production of a half-million MAISTAPACK ® Transport cartons saves at least 190 tons of CO2. This is the equivalent to driving 600,000 kilometers in a car or driving around the world 15 times.

This is due not only to a lower weight, but also to the complete absence of transport covers, intermediate layers, stacking noses, edge protection and a reduction of at least 50% in stretch wrap film.

MAISTAPACK ® Cartons are so durable and long-lasting that they can be safely used as reusable packaging. And when it is time to dispose of it, the 100% recyclable MAISTAPACK ® Crate to 100% recyclable. As a result, cardboard becomes cardboard again.

Packaging with a logistic advantage - Maistapack


Stackable. Robust. Can be palletized.

Packaging with a sales advantage - Maistapack icon


Individually printable.
Sales promotion potential due to long-lasting attractiveness. Shelf ready packaging with ideal product access.

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It emits up to 30% less CO2 than two-piece packaging or conventional solid board.
100% reusable. And recyclable.

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