Offset laminated packaging
Display packaging
Sales displays
Food trays…

Offset printed corrugated cardboard box

A stackable box you simply have to like.
With MAISTAPACK® your logistics can reach the skies.


Sales promoting packaging

sales promoting packaging

With MAISTAPACK® you increase your sales.


Eco friendly packaging

Rebirth under a green sign.
MAISTAPACK® gets your ecological cycle going.


“We define packaging differently.
Intelligenty. Practically. Sustainably.”


MAISTAPACK ® is the safe, attractive and environmentally-friendly transport and display carton for your products. The great crate – so that you and your products are welcomed everywhere. On the road from A to B. At the point of sale. And for everyone who is interested in your sustainability report .

With MAISTAPACK we will come through the Corona-Crisis together

With MAISTAPACK we will come through the Corona-Crisis together

Dear Customer, due to the challenging and still unknown situation caused by the Coronavirus, MAISTAPACK would like to inform you about the risk assessment and safety measurements we have activated, to be able to fully operate and be available for our clients. The following measurements have been successfully implemented in order to guarantee the...

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With MAISTAPACK® you write green figures.
Stack-wise and in stable form.

stackable packaging

... in logistics.

Because stackable. Extremely stable. Palletizable.
And without slipping when on the move.


sales promoting packaging

... in sales.

Because individually printable.
Permanently attractive. And optimally accessible on the shelf.


eco friendly packaging co2 saveing

... in eco-balance.

Because up to 30% less CO2 than solid cardboard.
100% reusable. And recyclable.


One crate. Many advantages.

Packaging solutions for trade, industry and agriculture.


If the packaging you work with isn’t perfect: Then you actually already have a problem. MAISTAPACK ® solves your cardboard packaging problem. No matter which one. With many years of experience in the development and production of pioneering packaging. And the ability to keep rethinking a seemingly as simple thing as the box.


And that’s in your MAISTAPACK ® consulting and escort box

The high art of packaging.

MAISTAPACK ® is applied packaging art. It is based on the many years of experience of the company founder Gottfried Maier.
And the innovative strength of him and the entire MAISTAPACK® team.

The name of the Upper Austrian packaging champion and the central MAISTAPACK® attributes of stability, stackability and solidity have provided the elements that make up the protected brand name MAISTAPACK®.

The MAISTAPACK ® quality does not come from chance, but from the strict orientation to values.

News. All around the packaging.


forests and the environment we live in – MAISTAPACK® RECEIVES FSC® CERTIFICATION. As a sustainably run company, MAISTAPACK® is committed both to its customers and to the environment. These efforts have now been rewarded with a certification according to...

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The path to your MAISTAPACK ® cardboard system


Hauptplatz 7 / Top 7, 4540 Bad Hall, Austria


Burgkirchner Weg 13, 4540 Bad Hall, Austria

Hauptplatz 7 / Top7, 4540 Bad Hall, Austria

T: + 43 7258 216 150