First-class advertising ambassador.
With power of persuasion and a long service life.


MAISTAPACK® cardboard boxes can be printed individually. With your logo and an appetizing subject, a functional transport vehicle becomes an attractive advertising ambassador. For your brand and your products.

An advertising ambassador which, thanks to its immense stability and resilience, looks good on the pallet or in the refrigerated shelf at all times. Also because the triple fold reliably puts an end to bulging and twisting of the crate. And that’s why a MAISTAPACK® transport carton still looks like new when its shelf neighbors have long since become unattractive due to the busy reaching of customer hands.

Speaking of reaching hands: when your products are presented in the MAISTAPACK® crate for free removal, customers just love to reach out for them. Because it’s so easy: MAISTAPACK® cartons are not only available closed, but also open on 1 or 2 sides. Optimum packaging geometry that shows at a glance what you can get so effortlessly.

... in logistics.

Because stackable. Extremely stable. Palletizable.
And without slipping when on the move.


... in eco-balance.

Because up to 30% less CO2 than solid cardboard.
100% reusable. And recyclable.


The path to your MAISTAPACK® cardboard system


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Hauptplatz 7 / Top7, 4540 Bad Hall, Austria

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