Sturdy, stable, stackable.
Without stacking lugs. Without shrink wrap.


The stability of MAISTAPACK® is systemic: the patented MAISTAPACK® triangular locking edges system.
The edge at the top and the recess at the bottom: in this way each crate fits perfectly on the other.


So stable that you can save at least 50% of the wrapping film so that nothing slips in transit. And the film is not yet everything. With MAISTAPACK® you can also dispense with stacking lugs, transport covers and extra intermediate layers.


The one-piece MAISTAPACK® transport cartons are automatically palletizable, can be stacked easily by hand and, as a natural product, are approved for direct contact with foods. The MAISTAPACK® Tripleedge crate acquires additional stability from its patented triple fold. In this way MAISTAPACK® also meets sky-high demands. By the way: MAISTAPACK® cartons are also compatible with other packaging.


... in sales.

Because individually printable.
Permanently attractive. And optimally accessible on the shelf.


... in eco-balance.

Because up to 30% less CO2 than solid cardboard.
100% reusable. And recyclable.


The path to your MAISTAPACK® cardboard system



Hauptplatz 7 / Top 7, 4540 Bad Hall, Austria


Burgkirchner Weg 13, 4540 Bad Hall, Austria

Hauptplatz 7 / Top7, 4540 Bad Hall, Austria

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