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Stable. Stackable.

No stacking tabs. Without wrap film.

The patented MAISTAPACK ® Triangle-edge locking system demonstrates the stability of MAISTAPACK ®.
On both, the top edge as well as the bottom excisions: As a result, one crate perfectly fits on top of the other.

The packaging is so stable that you can save at least 50% on wrap film while ensuring that nothing slips on the road. MAISTAPACK® allows you to exclude more than just wrap film. There will be no more stacking tabs, transport lids, or extra layers.

The one-piece MAISTAPACK® transport boxes are automatically palletizable, simple to set up manually and approved for direct food contact as it is a natural product. Another MAISTAPACK ® patent– the triple folding -contributes to the stability of the MAISTAPACK® TRIPLEEDGE crate. This is how MAISTAPACK® it exceeds even the most demanding expectations and specifications. By the way: MAISTAPACK® cartons are also compatible with other packaging.

Packaging with a logistic advantage - Maistapack


Stackable. Robust. Can be palletized.

Packaging with a sales advantage - Maistapack icon


Individually printable.
Sales promotion potential due to long-lasting attractiveness. Shelf ready packaging with ideal product access.

sustainable packaging with CO2 reduction - Maistapack icon


It emits up to 30% less CO2 than two-piece packaging or conventional solid board.
100% reusable. And recyclable.

The journey to your MAISTAPACK®cardboard system