forests and the environment we live in –


As a sustainably run company, MAISTAPACK® is committed both to its customers and to the environment. These efforts have now been rewarded with a certification according to FSC® standards. The FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) certification is testament to the active contribution MAISTAPACK® is making to responsible forest management and careful use of forest resources. It confirms that FSC®-certified materials are used and remain individually identifiable throughout the chain of custody, from the forest to the final product.


FSC® is the most reliable organisation working to uphold crucial environmental and social standards in the forestry sector. Both today and on behalf of future generations, FSC® works around the world to promote market transformation for the benefit of people and forests under the banner of “Forests For All Forever”.


With its standards applied around the world, locally specified forest standards, and unprecedented involvement from all the relevant stakeholders as well as independent environmental and social organisations, FSC® is recognised globally as the most credible solution for sustainable forest management.


At least once a year, an accredited FSC® inspector performs an inspection to ensure compliance with FSC® rules.